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Somewhere in East Boston


Thursday - 6PM - Midnight
Friday - 5PM - 2AM
Saturday - 5PM - 2AM
Sunday - 6PM - Midnight
*Kitchen closes at 11pm


Press & Features


Our Vision

Next Door is a hidden neighborhood bar where imagination, creativity and hospitality come together. Our mission is to share with you our knowledge and passion for cocktails in a unique and exclusive setting.

Behind each cocktail and each plate are countless hours of work, but most importantly immeasurable amount of shared pleasure between their creators. There are plenty of incredible drinks that we're excited about. Let us know what you're in the mood for, and we'll find the right drink for you. 

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House Rules

  • 90 Minute Table Times.

  • Dress to impress! NO athletic wear, beachwear including flip flops and tank tops.

  • We love our favorite teams just as much as you, but no baseball caps or hats are allowed inside.

  • Please note, entry is always upon the host's discretion. 

  • Give us a heads up if your group will be larger than intended, as no reservation additions without prior notification will be allowed.

  • Let’s keep it classy in here .. so, please remember to bring a positive attitude, your best company and not anyone you wouldn't want to bring to Mother's house for dinner.

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